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In some areas it is One (1) in Three (5) homes that are attacked and it is very difficult to detect their presence unless you're an expert. 

The figures show that "Subterranean Termites" cause five times more damage than fires.

Termite Colonies: Termites travel underground, through tunnels, from 50-100 meters from their nest Termites can enter buildings via cracks in the slab of the home, or use mud tracks up through piers, slab edge and foundation walls
Did you Know?

Homeowners insurance will help recover losses from fires, storms and floods but it is almost impossible to carry insurance against termite timber damage.

Products and Services We Provide:

At Meridian Pest Management we can provide you with all the inspection reports you need: 
- Pre-Purchase Pest Report
- Thermal Camera Pest Report
- Boroscope Report
- Pre-Purchase Inspections
- Inspection of a Property and supply a report to the client of any timber pest problems prior to purchase

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All of these reports provided by Meridian Pest Management are highly professional and competitively affordable. 

But our extended service doesn't stop there.

We offer all of these services throughout greater Sydney and Melbourne.
- Sydney Metro
- Southern Highlands
- Blue Mountains
- South Coast
- Central West NSW
- Melbourne 

Services We Provide
- General Pest Control
- Rodents/Mice control
- Flea's Control
- Ant Control
- Silverfish
- Spider Control
- Subterranean - Termites - White Ants