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Building products
Your home is one of the most valuable investments you will make in a lifetime.  TERM-Seal
 Key features of Ura-Fen Shield TWB:
1.       Unique combined termite and vapour/damp-coarse protection
2.       Active repellant permanently locked in for the life of the barrier
3.       Lasts the lifetime of the building (50 year product warranty)
4.       Safe for you , your family and pests
5.       OH& S worker friendly with no residue irritations
6.       Satisfies all relevant Australia Standards & Building Codes for Termite and Moisture Protection
7.       CodeMark Certified
8.       Registered with the APVMA
9.       Installed accredited installers, Uran-Fen Shield TMB provides lifetime protection for slab on ground, top load, side load and full under slab installation
Builders & Architects
TERM-seal provides high quality treatments and termite barriers for Pre-construction, renovations, additions as well as post construction. We have trained and accredited installers nationally.
Pest Professionals
TERM-seal products will enable you to provide adequate Termite protection for any conceivable construction scenario, or to rectify any second rate jobs where a builder has not considered Termite protection
When you’re making decisions about subterranean termite protection for your
next project, put the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management system to work.
No other system is more effective, versatile, reliable or better value for you and
your client. A ‘one stop' solution that can be adapted to suit a wide range of
structural situations.

What is HomeGuard?

HomeGuard, a Precision Termite Management system is a single layer extruded polymer sheet product that is homogeneously impregnated with Biflex
(Bifenthrin) termiticide. It is installed in the foudations of new buildings or extensions to provide constant protection, which prevents concealed entry of subterranean termites. The HomeGuard product range is manufactured from polymer based products and incorporates FMC‘s leading liquid subterranean termtite barrier Biflex. Biflex a leading termiticide, has protected over one million homes in Australia since its launch in 1995.
The HomeGuard range is suitable for a wide range of building designs
and includes:
  • Various purpose-designed polymer sheeting - for underlay of slab and retaining walls (TMB) and perimeter wall cavity sheets (PB & DPC)
  • A granular barrier (GT) for subterranean termite proofing voids
  • Plastic collars for use in slab to protect service penetrations
  • Protectacote. a paint-like prompt
How does HomeGuard work?

HomeGuard utilises the proven power of Biflex which is incorporated into its plastic matrix.

Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on Mother Nature's very effective insecticide pyrethrum, which is extracted from the pyrethrum daisy.

HomeGuard REPELS, KILLS and BLOCKS foraging subterranean termites,
providing ongoing protection to your client’s building.

How long will HomeGuard Last?

The HomeGuard range at products are made from high quality, UV stabilised polymers, designed to handle the rigours of construction and to provide an effective subterranean termite management system for the Life of the structure.

ls HomeGuard safe for your employees, clients and the environment?
  • HomeGuard is completely non-invasive and environmentally friendly.
  • HomeGuard's termiticide component Biflex is highly stable and insoluble in water. HomeGuard can be safely installed in a range of building situations.
  • Unlike other products. HomeGuard is non-irritating to installers and construction workers on the building site.
How is HomeGuard installed?

  • HomeGuard is installed during construction and sealed permanently to the foundations of the building. eg. under/in slab and in the perimeter wall cavity.
  • Installing HomeGuard is safe and easy. The material will not cut or sensitise, is lightweight, odourless and non-allergenic.
  • All products must be installed by an FMC HomeGuard Accredited Operator.
What makes HomeGuard a cost effective choice?

  • HomeGuard is a single-installation product and the installation tits seamlessly within the construction process.
  • Our construction partners save time (and their clients' money) as a result.
  • In many cases. HomeGuard sheeting serves a dual purpose both as a subterranean termite barrier and as a BCA compliant moisture barrier, thereby removing cost.
  • A HomeGuard barrier offers the Homeowner total peace of mind because it is backed by the FMC Million Dollar. 50 year manufacturer's warranty.
Builder’s Responsibilities
At handover the builder should ensure that the new owner is fully briefed on their ongoing obligations with respect to the maintenance of the subterranean termite management system.
This is to ensure that the integrity of the HomeGuard termite management system is not compromised and aligns with the BCA.
Adherence to these requirements will ensure that your clients warranty obligations are met.
HomeGuard Accredited Operators
Only FMC HomeGuard Accredited Operators can arrange the FMC Million Dollar, 50 year Warranty. This warranty is issued by FMC when HomeGuard products have been installed to meet the recommendations of all relevant BCA standards. registered label instructions and the HomeGuard installation manual.
Why is HomeGuard superior to competing brands?
  • HomeGuard offers a complete range of versatile components that provide coverage for a wide range of stmctmal scenarios.
  • HomeGuard is the only single layer extruded polymer sheet product that is homogeneously inpremated with a term-inside.
  • HomeGuard is non-irritating so installers will not need to wear protective clothing.
  • HomeGuard will not delaminate, rust or corrode.
  • Backed by the FMC Million Dollar. 50 Year manufacturer's warranty. We were the first company to offer consumers this level of transparent, ongoing assurance.

FMC HomeGuard Million Dollar Warranty

At FMC we warned to make our commitment to the property owners absolute and transparent. Knowing that general insurance does not cover subterranean termite damage, we introduced the ultimate subterranean termite secure warranty for property owners.

The FMC HomeGuard Million Dollar Warranty is a no-nonsense. simple warranty covering all structural and decorative timbers that are protected by a HomeGuard subterranian termite barrier when correctly installed by an FMC HomeGuard Accredited Operator.

The 50 Year Million Dollar Warranty is conditional on undertaking an annual inspection at the property, At the home omens expense. Other conditions apply.  
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