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Homeguard Blue

Meridian Pest Management offers a range of professional pest control products for commercial and residential customers.

Homeguard Termite Management System is a single layer extruded polymer sheet product that is homogeneously impregnated with Biflex (bifenthrin) Termiticide it meets the requirements of AS 3660.1 approved in accordance with and AS 3660.3 – Termite Management.  .  Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on mother nature’s vert effective insecticide pyrethrum. Homeguard works to repel, kill and block foraging subterranean termites. Homeguard provides ongoing protection to your building,  Homeguard is made from a range of high quality, UV Stabilised polymers, designed to handle the rigors of construction and to provide an effective subterranean termite management system.

Homeguard Blue is installed on the edge of a concrete slab before any timber, frames or bricks are installed. The blanket is laid on the edge of the whole slab until garage openings, blanket is laid on the garage recess before the driveways are poured. It is permanently installed to the foundations of the building.

Installation of Homeguard blue is safe and easy. The material will not cut or sensitise, is lightweight, odourless and non-allergenic.

The Homeguard Blue is installed alongside as a Part A & B Termite Protective System. The Homeguard blue does not require any retreatment over its lifetime unless the blanket has been damaged in any sections. Homeguard Blue does require Annual Inspections to ensure no termite activity or damage is present.

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