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Homeguard Protectacote

Meridian Pest Management offers a range of professional pest control products for commercial and residential customers.

The Homeguard Precision Termite Management System includes Homeguard Protectacote Paint and Primer. This Termite Management Solution Provides a waterproof barrier to concrete and masonry ensuring total protection for even the most awkward places.

Homeguard Protectacote is a high impact, acrylic polymer latex, and termiticidal paint product which contains Bifenthrin. It is approved in accordance with AS 3660.1 and AS 3660.3- Termite Management. The purpose of Homeguard Protectacote paint is to deter termites from gaining concealed access.

HomeGuard Protectacote is used for

  • Exposed Slab Edges
  • Backfilled Walls
  • Construction Joints
  • Cavity Protection
  • Posts and Poles


Why Protectacote

  • Termite and waterproof all in on barrier
  • Increases termite management options
  • Contains the proven active ingredient – Bifenthrin
  • Safe and non-sensitizing- will not irritate applicator

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