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Termseal Sealant Active

Meridian Pest Management offers a range of professional pest control products for commercial and residential customers.

Termseal appreciates the unique style, design and environment of Australian building structures. Residential , commercial, location/ slope of the land all impact the construction process. Many construction methods can present challenges in providing adequate termite protection. Termseal met these challenges with a versatile range of products. The integrated system of products works as a comprehensive management solution.

Termseal Termite Management Systems protects against termites and moisture. When choosing termite protection for your next project, consider these benefits:

  • Dual termite and moisture protection
  • Flexibility
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Versatile
  • Eco-friendly
  • Australian made
  • Life time protection

Termseal Ura-Fen Shield TWB

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Shield TWB (Tri-Layer Sheet Barrier) is a triple layer sheet barrier used to form a continuous moisture proof and termite resistant barrier around the cavity perimeter and construction joints of new slab on ground structures. The Termseal blanket is installed to last the lifetime of the building. Termseal is a Codemark Certified product and is APVMA Registered. It is a 100% Australian owned product.
The purpose of the Termseal Blanket system is to deprive subterranean termites’ possible entry into the structure via concealed access. The blanket works to protect, repel and kill subterranean termites. Termseal Blanket is installed on the edge of a concrete slab before any timber, frames or bricks are installed. The blanket is laid on the edge of the whole slab until garage openings, blanket is laid on the garage recess before the driveways are poured.
The Termseal Blanket is installed alongside as a Part A & B Termite Protective System. The Termseal blanket does not require any retreatment over its lifetime unless the blanket has been damaged in any sections. The Termseal Blanket does require Annual Inspections to ensure no termite activity or damage is present.

Termseal Multi Active Purpose

Termseal Multi- Purpose Active is a highly engineered, acrylic polymer-based liquid which upon curing forms a seamless, flexible, termite resistant and waterproof membrane. Applied by brush, roller or heavy duty airless spray gun. Applications include wall backfills, internal walls, internal wet areas, construction joints, step downs and cavities.
Information on the product as below:

  • Dual waterproof/termite single application tested by CSIRO as an approved waterproofing compound and complies to Building Code Of Australia Volume 2, AS3660.1- 2014, AS/NZS4347.6 and AAS/NZS 4858-2004.
  • Applied as waterproofing to back-filled walls to meet the requirements of A.S 3740.
  • Used as a simple, easy to apply slab edge exposure perimeter treatment, or to waterproof slab edges.
  • Applied to cavities to form a termite proof perimeter barrier.
  • Used to treat construction joints across concrete slabs.

Termseal Sealant Active

Termseal sealant active is especially for use in joints and cracks of all types. Designed to cope with the rigours of construction and joint movement Termseal Sealant Active is waterproof. Used by itself for construction joints and saw cuts, it also compliments other termseal products as a bonding agent for concrete, timber and masonry, sealing penetrations collars to pipes, repairs and joints.

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