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Termstop Collars

Meridian Pest Management offers a range of professional pest control products for commercial and residential customers.

Termistop Collars

Termstop is an Australian owned company committed to manufacturing high quality Australian made products for the construction industry. Termstop products are developed, tested, and manufactured in Australia using quality local raw materials. The Termstop system can expect a service life of 50 or more years giving total peace of mind to the building’s owner or any future owner without relying on depleting pesticides.

Termstop Termite Shield is an injection molded “Collar” which is designed to Deter concealed termite entry to structures via the shrinkage cracked formed between the concrete slab and pipe penetrations.

Termstop collars are made of Hardened PVC- D80 Hardness (instantaneous) at least 1mm thick, equivalent, or higher grade than PVC drainage pipes. Termstop termite collars are designed as a press fit collar, no gluing required. Termstop collars are easy to install , fitted to a single pipe penetration in the concrete slab. Termstop collars are Codemark and Australian Standard Certified AS3660.1.2014

Termstop Collars come in a range of sizes.


Termstop collars are generally classed as a Part A method of protection and required an Annual Termite Inspection to be conducted from its first date of installation if Part A is the only type of protection on the property.

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